Threadbare_Bea Campbell

Fine Arts


Sculpture and Installations

Threadbare di Bea Campbell

Visual Arts Exhibition by Bea Campbell.
21-25 March 2023, from 10:00am to 7:00pm – Atelier RUFA – Via Tiburtina 213, Rome.

Opening: Monday 20 March 2023, from 6:00pm to 08:00pm.

Threadbare is a painting installation in the Atelier, a hybrid working space hidden within San Lorenzo. The works in the show are part of an ongoing series of double-sided paintings, Hyphae, which have grown from playing with materials new and familiar, using paint, natural inks, recycled textiles to build up shapes and forms mimicking the structural elements of fungi (hyphae). Layers of colour and varying opacity build up to imagine the magnification of mycelium created through discovering and revealing textures, imprints, and marks. Patterns develop through the process of rotating the orientation of the canvas, informed by the elements visible through one side of the canvas to the other, resulting in double sided works, hung from the ceiling like a cross section of mycelial web in glass.

Threadbare, meaning thinned and tattered with age, finds its visual language through its raw shabbiness and exposure of frayed weft and weave. The works on display exist in dialogue with our evolving reckoning of the natural world, focusing on the incredible yet obscure fungal matter that forms the backbone of life.
In response to our changing world, the work utilises recycled and natural materials, exploring an interest in sustainability. Curious how the future will look and the concept of the symbiocene, Bea’s practice is driven by resourcefulness, adaptability, and innovation. She is captivated by the new green materials that are increasingly integrated into everyday life and the science that is pushing boundaries to create a more dynamic future.

The artist

Born in 1993 and raised in London, Bea graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts with a BA in Fine Art: Painting. She moved to Rome in October 2021 where she is currently studying for her MA in Fine Art Painting, from Rome University of Fine Art.