Behind the lens

Short courses in: Photography / Photo-reportage / Cinema techniques / Cinema critics and aesthetic / Cultural events management.

Photo/Video – Introductory course

Description of the course The course is of a technical – practical nature and highlights the importance of the photographic and audiovisual language as means of communication, expression and research. It also provides students with the necessary knowledge to develop professional techniques. The practical laboratory and analytical experiences will allow the students to use the…

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3d photography / CGI photography – Introductory course

COURSE DESCRIPTION Photography is the first tool that comes to mind when you think of capturing or creating an advertising image, but in reality it is not the only one. For years we have been surrounded by images that show the product in increasingly captivating ways, many of these images are made in Computer Graphics…

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Photography – Basic level course

COURSE DESCRIPTION The course provides students with the necessary knowledge to develop professional photography skills, as well as guidelines related to the visual arts sector. The lessons include learning the professional use of digital cameras, laboratory experiences including shooting in the studio and outdoors using both artificial and natural light, the development of digital files…

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COURSE DESCRIPTION Nowadays taking photos might seem like the easiest thing in the world. Just with a mobile phone people can have their photographs distributed all over the world through media: this is how the “citizen journalist” was born. Beyond this example, who hasn’t tried to preserve a memory an important moment of their life,…

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Ripresa cinematografica

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian and European Spanish. DESCRIZIONE DEL CORSO Come si gira un film. L’obiettivo del corso è quello di seguire la realizzazione di un breve film dalla fase di idealizzazione alla sua proiezione. Esperienze di laboratorio: sceneggiatura, regia, direzione della fotografia, montaggio. Studio e analisi di materiali forniti dalla…

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