Film shooting


How to make a movie. The goal of the course is to follow the making of a short film from the idea to its screening.
Laboratory experiences: screenplay, direction, cinematography, editing.
Study and analysis of examples of the history of cinema.


Course type: Individual
Course start/end: to be agreed with the lecturer
Attendance: to be agreed with the lecturer
Duration: 5 lessons / 30 hours
Cost: 40 euros per hour
Language: Taught in Italian
Lecturer: Alessandro Marinelli
Location: via Benaco, 2


To be agreed with the lecturer


The shot. Viewing parts of short films and definition of the framing and shooting.

THE SCREENPLAY (1st part) – From the idea to the subject.
Laboratory: group work to identify the idea.

THE SCREENPLAY (2nd part) – The lineup and the treatment.
Laboratory: group work for the drafting of the set list.

THE SCREENPLAY (3rd part) – The technical script and the storyboard. Direction plan.

Staging method, basic choreography, the composition of the frame, production principles. The styles of direction, shooting with a tripod and hand-held camera.
Shooting workshop.

The use of shutter, gain, iris, and white balance.

Principle of the three-point lighting, backlighting, and side lighting.
Laboratory: video footage.

Some basic principles of editing, cutting, order of the shots and their associative effect, rhythm, visual and temporal continuity, shot/reverse shot, entrances and exits, 180 degree rule, expressions.
The types of editing: narrative, expressive, rhythmic, ideological.
Laboratory: editing with professional software.

The functions of sound, sound and space, sound and time, sound and story: the “listening point”, words and voices, music and noises.
Laboratory: computerized editing.

Intergroup: presentation, analysis and discussion of the films made by the students.

* The following Program may undergo variations dictated by the needs and basic knowledge of the student.

LECTURER: Alessandro Marinelli
He graduated in Editing at NUCT (Nuova Università del Cinema di Roma) and later in Cinema at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (RUFA), with 110 cum laude.

Since 2003 he has been working as an editor and director making documentaries, feature films, commercials and video clips. He experiments with different languages and genres. In 2006 he collaborated with Manetti Bros as an assistant director and assistant editor for the film Piano 17.

He collaborates as an editor, with the director Gabriele Albanesi for the films Il bosco fuori and Ubaldo Terzani horror show. Since 2009 he begins to devote himself to the documentary genre that reflects his great interest the facts.

He collaborates with Digital Studio, Clipper Media and Rai Cinema productions, editing documentaries and feature films and working with several directors including Luca Archibugi (Rome – Jerusalem, Abuna Michele), Francesca Muci (We are all old, Alessandra, la forza di un sorriso – special event Giffoni Film Festival; La Santa, L’amore è imperfetto – R&C Produzioni in competition at the 37th edition of the Montreal festival), Andrea De Fusco (Gleason’s gym, Big Apple Juice, In Aquis Fundata), Barbara Cupisti (Esuli la trilogia: Esuli le guerre, Esuili Tibet e Esuli l’ambiente) and with Simone Aleandri (Sono Cosa Nostra).

In 2014, with the documentary Pino Masciari – storia di un imprenditore calabrese, written and directed by him, he obtained several prizes and awards including the Ilaria Alpi doc Rai Award as best documentary.

His latest documentary is Frammenti di libertà (Terra di Siena Film Festival, Human Right Film Festival – Diritti a Todi, Festival del calcio solidale, Est Film Festival).


Lesson days and times will be established through a mutual agreement between the lecturer and the student as part of a course presentation meeting (participation in the presentation meeting does not in any way bind the person to enroll in the course).


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