Federico Parrella

Federico Parrella is a graphic designer and web design teacher who lives and works in Rome.
After graduating from the ISIA in Urbino, he worked in the field of the integration of different media, in connection with communication design and, in particular, user experience, user centred design and online and offline corporate identity design. He is creative director at the digital division of L’Espresso publishing group, where he deals with UI/UX design, semantic HTML, CSS, JS, tablet and mobile design, wordpress development and project management. He has collaborated with the University of Urbino, the local authority of Rome, Sat 2000, Iccrea banking group (BCC) and the Ministry of Universities and Research. He taught Multimedia Design at ISIA in Urbino, between 2003 and 2009, and teaches strategic design and front-end implementation at the advanced training course in architecture of information at IED in Rome, and Web Usabilty at Istituto Quasar. He teaches information design at RUFA – Rome University of fine arts. He has held seminars on web design and graphic design at the ISA in Fabriano, ISIA in Rome, Istituto Quasar and the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Sapienza University in Rome.
His 5A Design firm provides consulting, training and design services for communication design.
www.parrella.it – www.5adesign.it