Guido D’Angelo

Guido D’Angelo was born in Rome in 1971.
He graduated in Decoration in 1997 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In 2008 he obtained the  license to teach Pictorial Disciplines at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In 2009 he obtained the Master in Educational Sciences at the Telematics University of Human Sciences Niccolò Cusano.
His work focuses on painting intended primarily as a language and a procedural system, wanting to affirm and make the complexities and articulations within the device of representation visible. His research also extends to installation interventions with the use of different materials in constant dialogue with the space.
Since 2015 he has been teaching painting and drawing techniques at SRF – Roman School of Comics. Since 2014 he has held courses and painting workshops at the Fondazione smART Roma – Polo per l’Arte.
Since 2011 he has been the creator of art projects and events for the TFAC program – The Fine Art Collective, and technical consultant for the brands: Liquitex, Winsor & Newton, Conté à Paris, Lefranc Bourgeois. For the TFAC program he also holds workshops on painting and drawing techniques in the academies of fine arts and the artistic training institutes present on the national territory.
In 2006 he began his professional collaboration with the artist Paolo Cotani, taking part in projects in galleries and museums.
In 2005 he gave life to the experimental research project on Action Image in Environment in Berlin, called Progetto Aliacorpora.
Since 1999 he has been working as a volunteer assistant with Prof. Franco Berdini for the chair of Semiotics of the Experimental Sign at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
In 1996 he founded the research group SANGIORGIO, a project focused on the experimentation of environmental installations using the technique of Diaproiezioni in Multiverso, borrowed from the experiences of the historic Lanterna Magika by Josef Svoboda, Alfred Radok and Vaclav Kaslik.
He has created and participated in various exhibitions and projects including:
2018. NECESSARIO PERDERSI, Magtrestudio, Rome. – 2017. DARSI ALLA MACCHIA, Magtrestudio, Rome. – 2017. SPIETATO SGUARDO SCARNO, Baglioni Castle Santacroce, Graffignano (VT). – 2016. PREVEDERE E DELUDERE, Magtrestudio, Rome. – 2014. MEMENTO PROJETC, BERLIN ART WEEK, Potsdamer Strasse 61, Berlin. – 2013. CODIMA: SECONDO ENUNCIATO, Magtrestudio, Rome. – 2013. CODIMA: PRIMO EN ENUNCIATO, Magtrestudio, Rome. – 2009. SGUARDI, IL SEDIMENTO PIEGA, Inart, Rome. – 2005. LE STANZE DELLA MEMORIA, Italienisches Kulturinstitut, Berlin. – 2004. DIALOGICA 4X4, Pinacoteca Palagio Fiorentino, Stia (Arezzo). – 2002. SCONCERTO LA LEGGE DEL FUNAMBOLO, Rialto Santambrogio, Rome. – 1999. MULTIVISIONE GEORGÒS, Argilla Teatri, Rome.