Guido Lombardo

A communication designer, he is a founding member and creative director of Intorno Design. A designer and explorer of the various areas of visual communication. He teaches at RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, at the Bachelor of Arts course in Graphic Design. He also acts as Tutor for interns and Erasmus students in the same course. At RUFA, he is also in charge of the Visual Communication Office since 2013. He graduated from Isia in Rome and specialised, in 2008, in Systems Design with the thesis “Sémen, a methodological system for urban regeneration”. He then completed his training at the University of Applied Sciences of Mainz (Germany). For Intorno, design is an open set, an opportunity for collective and social growth and improvement.
Awards: Red Dot Communication Design Award 2016 / Gold price – EDesign Awards 2016 / CGT 80 “Investiamo nel domani” (Investing in the Future) Award / Questione di Etichetta 2014 Award, Il Mosnel, in partnership with ADI and Fedrigoni / Shortlisted at the Golden Compass International Award in 2015 and 2013.