Luana Oddo

She deals with understanding the motivations behind people’s behaviors and choices, to improve the experience that users have when they make contact with a product or a service.
The curiosity to understand what is beyond a simple behavior is a distinctive trait that drove Luana in all its choices: starting from the studies of social psychology, the branch of psychology that studies how people’s behaviors, thoughts, and emotions can be influenced by interaction with each other.
Luana graduated in Social Psychology applied in Communication and Marketing in 2012 with a thesis on the influence of green advertising on purchase behavior.
She has been working since 2013 for Elma Research, a market research institute, as a Qualitative Marketing Researcher, trying to understand the motivations that drive consumer choices. She followed mainly qualitative research projects, putting into practice and consolidating the use of social research tools.
From the beginning of 2018, she works as User Researcher for Usertestlab, moved by curiosity to expand her research skills, Luana is passionate about applying and expanding research tools in the field of design thinking and human-centered design.