Marco Corsi

After the course of interior and industrial design and the master’s degree in Virtual Architecture at Quasar Design University, I started working for a leading studio in the design of restaurant premises, directing my focus of specialization in that sector. In parallel I started and managed a small laboratory for prototyping and production of graphic furniture specializing in the use of machinery with numerically controlled technologies. After a foreign three-year parenthesis in which I was project coordinator for a large luxury coffee company in London, I returned to Rome. To date, in addition to collaborating with various studios both in Italy and abroad, I founded and direct Design Makers, a company that deals with the design and production of large-scale design components, moving from prototyping to furnishing and production of design elements in small and medium scale always combining those that are the latest technologies with classic craftsmanship. I am also a lecturer at Quasar Design University where I teach design technologies and prototyping and production techniques for both three-year courses and product design masters.