Martha Scherr

Martha B. Scherr, from West Virginia, USA, joined RUFA in 2016, after a lengthy experience as an English language teacher/consultant/coach for managers of Italian and international companies. Along with translations of Italian/English texts in various fields – current events, science, law, politics and trade – she has also translated the book IL GHETTO RACCONTA ROMA (THE GHETTO’S ACCOUNT OF ROME) by Luca Fiorentini. She graduated in Philosophy and Political Science, and also earned a degree in International Relations from Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Scherr was also granted the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, which enabled her to travel, alone, for a year, to conduct a study on the Popularity of American Country Music in Asia and Europe. It was during this experience that she met her husband and decided to settle down in Rome, where she has been living now for over 25 years. She still pursues her passion for music, travelling and learning about different cultures. She has two grown-up children and a “slightly” spoilt Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.