Transferring from another university


Admissions to level I and level II academic courses through transfer from other universities

All students enrolled at other Universities will be able to access the Level I and Level II Academic Courses, provided that they complete all transfer procedures within the scheduled time frame. In this case, solely through transfer (without giving up their studies), the students concerned can request the validation of the exams sat during their time at their original university.

The exam validation procedure takes place by presenting a list of said exams, with the educational programmes for each subject. Firstly, prior to enrolment, a preliminary guidance opinion shall be issued by the relevant subject professors, which can be confirmed later, after enrolment. The preliminary opinion is issued for guidance purposes only and is not binding for the purposes of enrolment. The procedure for issuing preliminary opinions is managed by the Guidance Office.

Admission to courses is configured as follows:
– With an admission interview alone (level I and level II): in the event of numerous credits and exams similar to the chosen RUFA Course, but with a different academic/university background.
– With a full admission test (level I and level II): in the event of a few (or no) recognisable exams and with a different academic school/university faculty background.