Multimedia Arts and Design – Digital humanities ❯ ENG


Multidimensional, multisensorial, multimedia.

Rome is calling you, artists, designers, engineers, musicians, tech experts, fine arts, museum and exhibit curators, cultural and communication
producers. Whichever your field of expertise, what matters is your passion and your interest in this everchanging world. Today is already history. Tomorrow is so close that you can touch it.
With the new international RUFA two-year Master course in Multimedia Arts & Design, you can produce the aesthetic and cultural must-haves for the next generation, those who will become adults in the world that you are shaping today. And Rome, the beautiful, mysterious, eternal city where the historic and brilliant population built an empire, is now hosting this cutting-edge Multimedia Master course, taught in English. This is the course that will change your life forever putting you in the center where things are about to happen, and they will happen because of you.

With this unique RUFA course you will learn how to design and produce content and inimitable art for exhibits and galleries. You will master the latest technology and you will learn to mix the beauty with the strengths of each technique and blend architecture, engineering and communication together. You will shape the future of social, cultural, and esthetic knowledge through your contemporary creations. Welcome to Rome, where all different types of media are waiting for you.

By graduating in Multimedia Arts and Design – Digital humanities you will be able to become: Multimedia/Transmedia artist, Designer and creator of interactive experiences in relation to Cultural Heritage, Interactive experience designer for products, services and events, Designer of multimedia interaction systems for architecture and public spaces, Designer and creator of interactive systems for research and dissemination, Transmedia communication and engagement strategies consultant.

Coordinators: Oriana persico and Salvatore Iaconesi.

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Suggested training programme – Design and Applied Arts Department

Total Credits120
I YEARPsychology of art645
Contemporary art and new media860
Multimedia direction675
Multimedia spaces design 110125
Miltimedia design 18100
Sound design 1675
Audiovisual performance and multimedia installation675
Internships / workshop4/
II YEARMass media theory & methods645
Multimedia for cultural heritage675
Design of multimedia spaces 210125
Sound design 2675
Virtual set design675
Augmented reality675
Internships / workshop4/
Optional Subject6/

MA Degree Program in Multimedia Arts and Design

Suggested training programme - Design Department

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Psychology of art 6 45
Contemporary art and new media 8 60
Multimedia direction 6 75
Multimedia spaces design 1 10 125
Miltimedia design 1 8 100
Sound design 1 6 75
Audiovisual performance and multimedia installation 6 75
TouchDesigner 6 75
Internships / workshop 4 /
II Year Mass media theory & methods 6 45
Multimedia for cultural heritage 6 75
Design of multimedia spaces 2 10 125
Sound design 2 6 75
Virtual set design 6 75
Augmented reality 6 75
Internships / workshop 4 /
Optional Subject 6 /
Thesis 10 /
Total Credits 120