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This new Fine Arts Master Course arises from the need to consolidate the important relationship between the classic and the innovative that, for twenty years, has been the core of the RUFA Fine Art program.
The international profile of the course includes a culturally diverse working community.
In this course you will continually engage with what it means to practise as an artist today, testing and challenging your individual practice, in relation to art history and its contemporary vision in wider cultural and social systems.
This course will introduce you into a contemporary critical context starting from an important Italian artistic tradition.
In order to investigate the art disciplines with an extensive approach, a full immersion week with international artists is planned monthly. Six experiences, every teaching year, are designed to strengthen self-reflection, ambition and motivation of your practice and your leading ideas.
A specific lecture programme is designed to approach in a wider way your learning of references relating to contemporary art.

Designed by Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) tutor Umberto Giovannini.

You will learn to master matter and movement, building your own path towards artistic expression, creating a unique language of communication which will grant you full access to the contemporary art scene.

The sculpture: material, movement, and space to express art.

RUFA is well established in the international arena as experts in teaching sculpture thanks its President, Alfio Mongelli, a world-renowned sculptor, celebrated for his linear aesthetic, which is both elegant and powerful.
Through sculpture taught in the MA Degree Program at RUFA, students learn to dominate matter and motion, and find their ability in expressing themselves artistically, creating a personal language, and making their mark in the contemporary art scene.

At RUFA we study all the languages of the Fine Arts.
Within the RUFA academic structure, the two-year MA Degree Program in Sculpture is part of the Visual Arts Department, the branch of academic studies in RUFA that houses the interaction between the Fine Arts disciplines, creating new synergies between them.
At RUFA the new contemporary artist is born, able to express oneself through multiple Fine Art expressions whether they are graphic, painterly, transformational or technological.

Talent and preparation to become artists and sculptors.

To learn how to express ones own art, one must have practical training and solid cultural knowledge. With these elements, the artist can come to life with authority and conviction, and with the sensitivity and personality of the sculptor, which is essential when expressing ones own creative language and finding a place in the art world.
Within the Second Level Diploma Course in Sculpture at RUFA, students receive extensive training studying specific subjects such as contemporary transformational techniques, photography, iconography, life drawing, visual arts and graphic art.

The strength of interdisciplinary influence.
The Department of Visual Arts RUFA aims to pursue the goal of interdisciplinary studies, which includes finding the training and operational synergies among the various art courses offered by the Academy.
Due to the high level of preparation of their teachers, artists and activists, the Sculpture Degree at RUFA represents the level of training essential to access the world of artistic expression, a world that is fluid and changing in which influences and stimuli are interchanged between the artistic disciplines.
The RUFA artist has a transversal personality, able to express him/herself with strength and recognition in any discipline of contemporary Fine Arts.
By graduating in Sculpture you will be able to become: Artist, Art mediator, Curator, Cultural manager, Art Handler, Lecturer.

Academy Degrees are equivalent to Master’s university degrees.

*The course is available only in English language

Coordinator: Umberto Giovannini
Lecturers: Gianna Bentivenga, Simone Cametti, Alessio Cremisini, Davide Dormino, Umberto Giovannini, Marta Jovanovic, Sarah Linford.
Masterclass con Visiting Professor: Anusc Castiglioni, Thomas Gosebruch, Nick Morley.

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Suggested training programme – Visual Arts Department

Total Credits 120
I YEARIconography & anatomical drawing 8100
Engraving techniques - Graphic arts 8100
Sculpture 1 12150
Sculpture techniques 675
Psychology of art 645
3D Digital modelling techniques 675
Performative techniques 675
Pedagogy and art teaching 645
Internship / workshop 2/
II YEARPhotography8100
Sculpture 2 12150
Phenomenology of contemporary arts 645
Art management 645
Digital image processing 675
Internship / workshop 6/
Optional subject 6/
Thesis 10/