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If you were looking for the perfect excuse to live in Italy, here there is a good one for you: the new and red-hot RUFA three-year Bachelor of Arts in Design, fully customized for international students. Entirely taught in English, this international Design course is the one you were absolutely waiting for. Come to Rome and you can live and study in the most beautiful city in the world. Here design found its birthplace, here history gave shape to civilization, empires, objects, ideas, tools. It is in Rome where technological and digital design and applications have always had a home.

With this course tomorrow’s designers can start reinventing the world today, changing the way we think of cities, applied prosthetic robotics, haptic perception, and digital devices.

RUFA is the best academy to prepare you for your future as a skilled and up-to-date designer: has been forming creatives for over 20 years. This course will provide you with a solid professional and business foundation that you can apply in product design, architectural and interior design, the film and video industry, scientific, robotic and prosthetic manufacturing enterprises. And while you spend three years enjoying the beauty and history of Rome, you may be inventing a future application that the whole world will be using some day.

Think about it.

Coordinators: Paolo Buonaiuto
Lecturers: Marco Corsi, Claudio Esposito, Giorgio Marcatili, Saverio Massaro, Meltem Eti Proto.


Download the annual planning 2020/2021


Suggested training programme AY 2020/2021

Total Credits180
I YEAR Design methodology675
Technical drawing and project design675
Basics of computer design675
Architectural model-making675
Technology of new materials8100
History of design 1645
Design 112150
3D digital modeling techniques 1675
Computer technologies450
II YEARHistory of design 2645
Design 212150
3D digital modeling techniques 2675
Light design 8100
Product design 1675
Urban design675
Elective educational activities6 /
III YEAR History of contemporary art645
Design 312150
Product design 2675
Virtual architecture675
Multimedia design8100
Layout and visualisation techniques675
Further language and interpersonal skills, internships, etc.4 /
Elective educational activities4 /
Thesis8 /


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