International Master Course

Master in Innovation Design with KDU University College

The Master course in Innovation Design is run in collaboration between the KDU University College, Kuala Lumpur, and RUFA. A strategic synergy has emerged between the two universities in response to the need to relaunch the “Made in Malaysia” brand – albeit of the highest standing in terms of the planning and manufacturing of many different products, especially technological items and yet, to date, not fully convincing from a design perspective.

This Master course has a role to play in the training of professional creatives suitable equipped with the necessary skills to fine-tune the placement of Malaysian businesses with products in which line, functionality and aesthetics combine successfully to win over an international public. This is why the course is becoming a point of reference not only for all students in South-East Asia but also in the West – an achievement made possible through RUFA’s sharing of know-how and the constant monitoring and development of projects by KDU students under the tutelage of RUFA teaching staff prior to finalising their studies onsite in Rome.