Artists’ Residencies

Journeying from Rome to Barcelona

RUFA is now operating in partnership with Espronceda, the Barcelona-based centre for innovation and contemporary art. Established in 2013, Espronceda is a polyfunctional space devoted to artists and creatives and offering a range of different services including residencies for artists and curators. RUFA artists have the opportunity to compete for artists’ residencies held here.

The joint venture between RUFA and the Spanish centre of art and culture came about as part of the Erasmus+ programme in the area of postgraduate internships (applications for candidature to be submitted on completion of studies).
Students enrolled in the final year of Bachelor or Master of Arts degree courses are eligible to apply for Espronceda residencies provided they fulfil certain requirements, including: :
– English and Spanish language skills
– the submission of a research project to be developed during the residency
– previous exhibition experience

Selection of candidates is undertaken by RUFA and Espronceda.

The most recent student to have benefitted from this opportunity was RUFA Visual Arts graduate, Christophe Constantin. June 30, 2016, saw the opening of his exhibition following the completion of his residency at Espronceda. His project, “Spending time in Barcelona”, investigated the theme of the journey as an aesthetic experience in which the work of art is life itself. His main piece, on show at the exhibition, depicts an evocative mapping of the city in which a thread links the various places he walked to and the paths he took from his arrival in May in the Spanish city. The result is a web of abstract pathways working their way throughout the exhibition space. Accompanying the works are film shows, projections, fragments of maps and other media, taking the viewer on a sensorial journey, a model tour through the city streets.

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