Greetings from the President

Together, shooting an arrow into the very heart of culture.

RUFA Academy has just celebrated its twentieth year of activity and, as its “founding father”, I am proud to have had the vision and motivation to conceive and create this Academy. It took a great deal of hard work, dedication and, above all a good dose of healthy madness. At the core of this initiative is the awareness that today, more than ever, the artist, in addition to devoting time to the creative process, has the duty to promote culture; contributing to its development and research without ever losing sight of generational differences, nowadays sadly bombarded “false idols and images”.

For me, creating RUFA has meant “constructing” a special environment in which young people from Italy and overseas might undertake an artistic education – supported by the endeavours of the teaching staff that holds excellent credentials in the fields of Art, Design and Communication – at the end of which they are suitably equipped to discern their own sensibilities and direction. It is for this reason that, underpinning all teaching and cultural activities at RUFA, lies the transmission of values such as effort, perseverance and inquiry; values I consider vitally important both to life in general and in the education of an individual. Over the years, I have felt the need to make RUFA a sort of meeting point, a place where tradition and contemporaneity meld together and, in so doing, ensure our students embark successfully on their journey into the world of Art and Culture.

I have invested experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and passion in RUFA, taking pains to offer learning experiences of the highest level, to contribute positively to the promotion of the Arts and to offer concrete support to young talent as well as national and international projects. RUFA represents a massive challenge and a life plan. A huge personal ambition of mine yet, at the same time, a “way forward” to fulfil the creative desires of our young artists. RUFA is an arrow which, through our joint efforts, targets the very centre of culture.

Prof. Alfio Mongelli
President of Rome University of Fine Arts
* Alfio Mongelli and his work H2O – Olympic Park in Beijing, 2010 – Photo by Alessandro Carpentieri