RUFA Open Day

An important appointment to get to know our Bachelor and Master of Arts programs and get in touch with RUFA.

RUFA organizes Digital Open Day to tell the best stories and make itself known by high school students, undergraduates, graduates who intend to continue their education, and parents and Lecturers.

The Open Day includes a visit to the 8 RUFA locations in the San Lorenzo and Trieste districts, participation in the presentation of the Academy and of all the Bachelor and Master of Arts programs, as well as a visit to the exhibitions set up with the best works of RUFA students and to the laboratories such as the RUFALab, Digital Fabrication Laboratory.

It is also possible to participate in interesting workshops and, through the exchange of opinions, to relate with those who have completed their studies. RUFA, for this particular day, plans paths to observe and make art, interacting in a spontaneous way in the physical conceptualization of thought.

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RUFA Open Day – 18 settembre 2021