Short Courses

Study and training for all.

Caring about individual students’ needs and with an eye on current shifts both in lifestyle and the workplace, RUFA has established a short courses department, designed specifically for students wishing to continue their studies without giving up their current employment .Students who would like to learn new skills, supplement or perfect their knowledge of an area of communication or art yet have little free time, can find the right solution with the RUFA short courses, designed to accommodate students’ needs in terms of level of interest and scheduling.

Qualified teachers and small groups.
To ensure our students receive high quality teaching and the best environment for learning, RUFA’s short courses are designed for a limited number of participants and are taught by highly qualified teachers carefully selected for their ability to work with small groups of predominantly adult students.

Courses and career paths.
For all the artistic, technical and communication disciplines offered by RUFA during an academic year, there is a corresponding short course for those students who would like to attend training but require a more flexible and personalized approach.
Enrolment on the short courses is open throughout the calendar year. The courses are divided into modules, either three-months or a year in length, and comprise two or three hours contact time per week, depending on the course in question.

At the end of the course, upon request, a certificate of attendance is issued.

Projection Mapping

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. Arte e tecnologia per la proiezione di animazioni, immagini e video aderenti a superfici preesistenti. DESCRIZIONE DEL CORSO Il Projection mapping è una nuova ed affascinante tecnica di videoproiezione che può tramutare potenzialmente qualsiasi superficie in uno schermo, è il territorio di confine nel quale convergono arte,…

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