Annual report 2019

Atlas 2019

A journey among real projects, metareal landscapes, poetic thoughts between past and future, on the edge of the possible. This is the content collected in the 114 plates and the insert of the Annual report 2019, the most substantial among those produced over the years. Meridians and parallels of the pages indicate its structure and define its navigation. The three-panel photographic openings for the course chapters are recompositions of landscapes made in Polaroid with inspiring muses who graduated from the Academy. Full-page calligraphies rewrite some poetic verses. Blue, with its powerful symbolic meaning, is the dominant color.

The book, which comes in a white offset striped paper folder, is printed in 5 colors, wire bound with a hard cover. The insert, printed in 1 color on sky colored paper, collects the story of the 2019 RUFA Contest. The annual report is made entirely from ecological FAVINI papers, sourced from wool and cotton processing waste.

Video: Tommaso Schirru


Photo: Eleonora Cerri Pecorella


Photo: Stefano Compagnucci e Maria Vittoria Pecchioli – Postproduction: Maria Vittoria Pecchioli, Veronica Iucidi, Christian Rizzo and Gianfranco Manzo.



Editorial project: Guido Lombardo, Nicolas Martino, Cristiana Pagnottelli, Tommaso Salvatori, Martina Marabitti, Roberta De Cristofaro, Francesco Paolo Incantalupo.
Content supervisor: Fabio Mongelli.
Creative direction; Design: Intorno Design (Guido Lombardo, Tommaso Salvatori, Roberta De Cristofaro).
Producer: Cristiana Pagnottelli.
Photo dividers and portraits:Stefano Compagnucci e Maria Vittoria Pecchioli.
Inspiring Muses: Melany Parasole, Alessio Kuster, Martina Marabitti, Claudia Rolando, Natalia Koroneva, Elisabetta Ariemma, Francesca Cornacchini, Cristina Lubas, Vanessa Fedele.
Make up: Giulio Franzò.
Calligraphy: Chiara Riva.
Poetries: Giorgio Nardoni.
Postproduction: Maria Vittoria Pecchioli, Veronica Iucidi, Christian Rizzo e Gianfranco Manzo.
Text editing: Nicolas Martino
Translation: Maeve Rodgers.
Visual contents: Martina Marabitti, Francesco Paolo Incantalupo.
Contributors: Emanuele Cappelli, Alessandro Carpentieri, Pietro Ciccotti, Emiliano Coletta, Nicolas Martino, Alessandro Mongelli, Alfio Mongelli, Fabio Mongelli, Ely Rozenberg, Mario Rullo, Caterina Tomeo, Alessandro Vergoz, Andrés Rafael Zabala.
Photo Contributions: Eleonora Cerri Pecorella, Claudia Rolando, Marta Ferro, Giulia Hrvatin, Rachele Alessandrelli,
Amparo Lavezzo, Giovanna Scozzese, Federica Pace.
Contributors: Melany Parasole, Giulia Mencarelli, Laura Campana, Laura Speranza.
Print: Tipografare Srl –
Binding: La Legatoria –
Typefaces: Lausanne designed by Nizar Kazan.
Printed on: Favini papers – – Refit wool black, Refit cotton white, Shiro eco bright white and Remake Sky.

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