RUFA Open Day

A fundamental appointment to deepen the themes of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and get in touch with RUFA world.

RUFA organizes the Open Day both in presence and digitally to tell the best stories and make themselves known to high school students, undergraduates, graduates who intend to continue their education, and parents and teachers.

Those who participate in this event have the opportunity to learn about the training offer, to meet teachers and turors, and discover didactic and extradidactic activities such as exhibitions, events, talks and workshops. It is also an opportunity to interact with the contacts of all the offices, especially in the orientation sector, to better understand their attitudes and thus facilitate the decision-making process.

The physical Open Day includes a visit to the 7 RUFA locations in the district of San Lorenzo and Trieste, the participation to the presentation of the Academy and all the bachelor’s anc master’s degree programs, as well as a visit to the exhibitions set up with the best works of RUFA students and to the workshops such as RUFALab, Laboratory of digital manufacturing.
You can also participate in interesting workshops and, through the exchange of opinions, relate with those who have completed their studies. RUFA, for this particular day, plans paths to observe and make art, interacting spontaneously in the physical conceptualization of thought.

The Digital Open Day, organized last May and September to ensure the safety measures for the COVID-19, consists in the navigation of a dedicated website, upon reservation, through which you can enjoy various multimedia contents, from the presentation of the Academy and of each single course to in-depth analysis of RUFA experience and of all the events taking place, as well as navigating through the images of all the locations where the didactic and extradidactic activities take place.

The site is visible from the morning of the day of the event, where in addition to discovering the Academy you can participate in live meetings organized with the teachers of the courses to satisfy every curiosity and resolve any doubts.

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know the Academy and everything it offers, follow us on our digital channels to discover the dates of the next appointment.

We look forward to meet you!

Take a look at photos from past Open Day