Summer Academy Courses

RUFA Summer Academy Courses aim to offer a wide range of opportunities to learn and practice arts, design, and communication, and will take place at the RUFA campuses in Rome, in June and July 2024. Our 2024 Summer Academy comprises a number of different programmes.

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2024 Summer Academy provides multiple summer programmes for all ages and interests. Discover them all:

Creative Summer Camp / 2 weeks / Age 16+

It’s a full immersion programme to introduce high school students to all the creative fields we explore at RUFA: drawing, painting, design, photography, film, and Italian culture. This programme will help you discover what you really love.

Creative Laboratory / 1 week / Adult 18+

RUFA will host various advanced workshops for college students and adults to deep dive into specific theories, techniques, and practices through ad-hoc programmes with top-notch artists and professionals. Each workshop lasts one week and you can combine more workshops together.


Creative Summer camp

  APPLICATIONS CLOSED > Live the unique experience of the Creative Summer camp. The Creative Summer camp is aimed at young international and Italian students who want to live a unique experience in the Eternal City and study painting, design, photography, and art history, attending the study programme of one of the most prestigious Academies…

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Visual Arts – Performing Rome

  LIMITED PLACES ONLY: REGISTER NOW! > TAUGHT IN ENGLISH / 1 WEEK / 22-26 JULY 2024 / ON CAMPUS   Discover the secrets of performance art, in collaboration with Maxxi Museum PERFORMING ROME is a visual art course to practice performance art immersed in the city of Rome, its history and present, religious, secular,…

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Neorealist Filmmaking – Rome, Now

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH / 1 WEEK / 15-19 JULY or 22-26 JULY 2024 / ON CAMPUS The art of filmmaking, telling your world in real time As in Italian Neorealism, Nouvelle Vague, and Independent Cinema, in this course you will go out on the streets and narrate your world. This intensive workshop will provide…

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Sustainable Fashion Design – Peplum is back!

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH / 1 WEEK / 15-19 JULY 2024 / ON CAMPUS Capturing the vibe of Ancient Rome through contemporary moulage, in collaboration with Tangoli Encoding and decoding the archetype to reinvent fashion: a journey into the fashion aesthetics of Ancient Rome, through the practice of moulage and of the experimentation of shapes…

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Art curating and Design management: the essential cooperation

  LIMITED PLACES ONLY: REGISTER NOW! > TAUGHT IN ENGLISH / 1 WEEK / 15-19 JULY 2024 / ON CAMPUS Intertwining Design Management and Art Curating, in collaboration with NATIVA. How to conceive and realise an art exhibition as a design thinker. The Essential Cooperation: Intertwining Design Management and Art Curating is a course to…

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Street and Street Art Photography: Rome, portrait of a city

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH / 1 WEEK / 22-26 JULY 2024 / ON CAMPUS Discovering Rome through new lenses and gazes Today, taking photographs in the street might seem easy: all we need is a smartphone. Some events that have marked the history of recent years have been immortalized by amateur photographers who, being in…

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Comics & Illustration

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH / 1 WEEK / 15-19 JULY 2024 / ON CAMPUS Artistic Anatomy for Comics & Illustration– Drawing Rome’s body and persona Learning how to draw human and architectural figures through the emotional and interpretative artist’s frame Drawing Rome’s body and persona is a practical course focused on artistic drawing through an…

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Artistic drawing and painting

TAUGHT IN ENGLISH / 1 WEEK / 2-6 SEPTEMBER 2024 / ON CAMPUS   Preparatory course in Artistic drawing and Painting for the study of the fine arts. Course exclusively reserved for home/international students enrolled in the last year of high school.   This course aims to introduce students to the study of painting and…

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Interior design – Timeless spaces

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH / 1 WEEK / 22-26 JULY 2024 / ON CAMPUS   Explore the world of Interior Design, in collaboration with FMA Architects Rome is the city of history, monuments, rituals, and the succession of ages distinguished by forms, magnitude, materials, and colors. This workshop will allow you to enter a timeless…

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