The Master specialization, perfecting your skills.

With the real-time shifts and changes in the workforce, RUFA has created a series of high-level specialized master courses.
RUFA master courses are designed for two-year and three-years level graduates, as well as professionals who would like to refresh or renew their skill sets.
These courses are ideal for students who would like to further specialize and upgrade their theoretical and practical knowledge in art, communication and technology.

Master classes, for those who study and those who work.
The main objective of the RUFA master courses is to equip students and professionals with solid practical experience, necessary in establishing an effective and concrete approach to improving their ‘employability’ or status in the workforce.
Master courses bridge the gap between knowledge and hands-on experience which standard academic courses often fail to provide. They supply professionals with an immediate, practical preparation, useful in upgrading their skill-set and ‘employability’ quickly and efficiently.

Learning from professionals.
Courses are taught by established professionals, who bring their own skills and experience, enriching the content and quality of their teaching. This is the key to ensuring that information is transformed into real-life knowledge, which is easily assimilated and reflects the realities of the working professional. Teachers share case studies, and include students in work labs and often include students directly in their own professional activities. Students are encouraged to apply research and comparative analyses in bridging and combining theory and practice; teachers act as a catalyst between the Academy and the professional working environment.

The Master courses.
RUFA offers the opportunity to attend specialized master courses in the following:
Painting/Sculpture/Scenography/ Graphic Design/Design/Cinema.
To create the curriculum content and organization of its master courses, RUFA takes into account the National Legislation relation to Educational Systems, the Institutional Didactic Regulations and the Master Courses Regulations, approved by the National Council for Artistic and Musical High-Level Professional Training.
The Curriculum.
Master courses are held through experimental activities, work labs and theoretical courses, specially designed to explore the historical and theoretical foundations of several areas of study including art, theater, film, television, economics, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, aesthetic, and art history. Achieving the master specialization is subject to completing at least 60 credits.

Academic Master Rules.

Academy Degree Regulations

Master specialization for a better future. RUFA Master courses are designed specifically to maintain the highest levels of professional development, remain constantly up-to-date and specialize further so as to improve participants’ standing in the workplace. RUFA Master courses are the ideal next academic step for graduates already holding an Bachelor of Arts and Master of…

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International Master Course

Master in Innovation Design with KDU University College The Master course in Innovation Design is run in collaboration between the KDU University College, Kuala Lumpur, and RUFA. A strategic synergy has emerged between the two universities in response to the need to relaunch the “Made in Malaysia” brand – albeit of the highest standing in…

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