Graphic Design ❯ ITA


Signs around you.

You will play a pivotal role in all visual communication projects, from publishing to unconventional marketing, from corporate identity to advertising, from signposting to promotions.

The Graphic Designer plays a central role in all projects that involve visual communication. From publishing to packaging, corporate identity to exhibits, signage to advertising, Graphic Design is a multidisciplinary profession that combines various elements of communication (signs, fonts, colours and images) to define languages that must always be original and contemporary. The RUFA Graphic Design graduate approaches this world of work armed with a command of many skills, thanks to the pathway followed at the Academy, which covers the many different aspects of visual communication. The graduate is trained in art history and publishing, and has the ability to work with traditional graphics techniques as well as multimedia. Thanks to having thus acquired thorough knowledge of graphic and photographic language, and of the technologies and media of today and the future, RUFA graduates possess the ability to implement projects for institutional identity, brand image, web design, wayfinding, and advertising. The RUFA graduate’s profile as a visual designer thus suits them for many scenarios of career development: from independent professional practice to working within advertising agencies, public institutions, and companies.
Academy Degrees are equivalent to Bachelor’s university degrees.

*The course is available only in Italian language.

Coordinator: Emanuele Cappelli
Tutor: Luigi Iacobelli
Lecturers :Agnese Angelini, Paolo Buonaiuto, Emanuele Cappelli, Andrea M. Carcassi, Andrea Cavallari, Alessio Cremisini, Genny Di Bert, Mallio Falcioni, Alessandra Giacomelli, Elena Green, Luigi Iacobelli, Antonello Lipori, Guido Lombardo, Nicolas Martino, Antonio Pace, Paolo Parea, Enrico Parisio, Harald Pizzinini, Giordano Ricciardi, Alberto Ruggieri, Tommaso Salvatori, Roberto Scavizzi, Martha Scherr, Ryan Wilson.


BA Degree Program in Graphic Design

Suggested training programme - Design Department

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Graphic Design 1 12 150
Copywriting 1 2 25
History of printing & publishing 8 60
Photography 8 100
Technical drawing & project design 6 75
Desktop Publishing 6 75
Vectorial and raster graphic 6 75
Theory of perception & psychology of form 6 45
Optional Subject 6 /
II Year Graphic Design 2 12 150
Copywriting 2 2 25
Design methodology 6 75
Features of publication design 8 100
3D Digital modelling techniques 1 6 75
Production design 6 75
Web design 1 4 50
Art history: artistic styles & context 6 45
Design management 6 45
Optional Subject 4 /
III Year Graphic Design 3 12 150
Copywriting 3 4 50
3D Digital animation techniques 8 100
3D Digital modelling techniques 2 6 75
Computer technologies 4 50
Web design 2 4 50
Mass media theory & methods 6 45
English 4 30
Internships 4 100
III Year Thesis 8 /
Total Credits 180