Attendance requirements

Attendance requirements.

Students must attend all lessons. Teachers will record attendance in relation to study program and credits allocated.
To be admitted to exam for each course, students must have attended 80% of total lesson hours.
At the start of every scholastic term, students are required to enroll in each course by signing up in the course register managed by the secretariat.
Requests to enroll in courses of similar subject matter, by different teachers, should be addressed to the Steering Council within thirty days of the start of the academic term.
Students enrolled in a course, can take the completion exam in any of the exam sessions scheduled after the conclusion of the course and beyond the end of the academic year in which the student has attended the course. All courses can be converted into a biannual course of study as long as the teachers’ program of work can accommodate this.
For all types of courses (foundation, basic, personifying, similar or supplementary) for which a two-year version is available, the attendance record will be documented in two distinct academic years.
During exam sessions, students are requested to bring a valid identity document, exam booklet and a copy of their study plan, in order to allow the commission to verify the validity of their exam enrollment.
It is not possible to sit exams for courses that have not been included in the students’ study plan.
Students cannot re-register for the same course twice in the same academic year.