RUFA Culture

Oxygen to communicate

RUFA Culture is the new RUFA Culture Project. It is a digital container completely dedicated to the projects of our students: contemporary art and graphic design, multimedia and visual communication, photography and design. All the rich cultural production, that students organize with the support of the lecturers, is declined in a series of exhibitions, performances, events and curatorial projects that cross the different forms of contemporary expression. Studying at RUFA also means experimenting in the field what it means to design and collectively organize one’s own creative abilities. RUFA Culture document events through online streaming, instagram stories, interviews, immersive videos thatthat will allow the entire community to live and review the proposed experiences, which take place throughout the academic year in the spaces of Pastificio Cerere, in San Lorenzo, and n the Trieste district. In addition to this, A real digital archive will allow all students to present their portfolios, and to make their work known to the ever-growing public that follows our channels..

Communicating, and knowing how to communicate, is part of the indispensable skills for anyone who decides to pursue a career in the world of art and contemporary creativity. RUFA Culture is the oxygen we needed to do that. We, along with the students and the entire RUFA community, are ready.

Welcome, and enjoy yourselves.

Discover RUFA artists

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