Students with learning disabilities guidelines

As part of student support services, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has paid particular attention to those who have “Specific Learning Disabilities”, usually indicated by the acronym DSA.

Students with specific learning disabilities have a set of disabilities that can affect the acquisition, organization, memorization, understanding and use of verbal and non-verbal information.

In the awareness that students with specific learning disabilities often only need more time to organize their studies, take notes, read or produce a text, RUFA has established measures that allow them to carry out their studies eggecitively. In particular, the following tools are available:
– clear, concise and well organized study material;
– additional time to learn;
– knowing the study program, bibliography, calendar and deadlines before hand;
– use of compensatory tools and of measures indicated by law;
– knowledge of the procedures for carrying out the exams (ongoing and final);
– constant dialogue with the lecturer / tutor.

The “Guidelines for the right to study of students with Specific Learning Disabilities” that RUFA has adopted represent a document that is in constant evolution that is updated thanks to the contributions and suggestions of those directly involved.