Piazze romane

The context

Between 2014 and 2020, the Municipio Roma I Centro (Municipality of Rome I Centre of Rome) worked to support the design and implementation of interventions for the redevelopment and maintenance of public urban spaces in the historic centre of the capital. This is the context in which “Roma sei mia” was born, a wide-ranging and diversified project to achieve a public interest and encourage participatory processes of citizens to take care of the territory. The redevelopment of squares, pavements, pedestrian areas and urban routes has made eight different sites accessible and attractive: Poli Square, Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli Square, Cardelli Square, San Giovanni della Malva Square, Pasquino Square, Borghese Square, Teatro di Pompeo Square, via della Frezza. These are places full of meaning, which are sometimes linked to little-known anecdotes and events, to tell the thousand nuances of the city. In order to make the most of this experience, the Municipio I Roma Centro has decided to launch a message of cohesion, sociability and regeneration through contemporary art from these places.

Talented students studying at Fine Arts Academies were asked to develop a “site – specific” project,  a collective and contemporary experience, creating works and installations to be placed temporarily in these places in the historic centre of Rome, and then relocated in the suburbs, in unusual sites, creating a new way of enjoying culture, focusing on the dynamism that the new generations of artists can generate.

The result is a very interesting proposal: “Lightness, oxygen, breath, life, energy”, following the guidelines of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. An experience that encourages dialogue, to build a community of people, eager to expand their network of relationships, to get back on track. Contemporary art indicates to different generations an innovative and curious way to tackle the present and the future, developing not only a historical identity, but also that attitude to criticism that makes people think differently.

The route

Travelling is an act that leads to discovery and therefore to knowledge. The “Piazze romane” project is the ideal setting for a journey of reflection, between history, memory, identity and innovation: 4.2 kilometres in the heart of Rome’s historic centre; a 53-minute walk to appreciate the cultural stratifications that make the Eternal City unique; an immersive experience in contemporary culture. The aim is to get in touch with the many interesting and full of meaning places that are in 4 of the 22 districts that characterize the toponymy of the Capital: Trastevere ( Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli square, San Giovanni della Malva square), Parione (Pasquino square, Teatro di Pompeo square), Campo Marzio (Borghese square, Cardelli square, via della Frezza), Trevi (Poli square).

The method

In developing the design hypotheses, priority was given to the temporary positioning of the works and the need for the structures to be completely self-supporting. These artistic interventions are intended as works contextualised in the urban spaces of the historic centre of Rome, that enhance the redevelopment that has taken place. In considering the relationship between the works and the historical, cultural and artistic context, the consistency between the place and the theme was considered as part of the meaning of the works.

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