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Outcome of the elections of the 4 RUFA Student Council Representatives



The student Student Council

Carletti Leonardo

Florea Alessandra

Poppa Teresa

Mattia Alongi

Zaharia Alex-dan

What is the student council?

The Student Council is a group of young people who are dedicated to giving students a voice to ensure that their academic experience is the best it can be. The Council is made up of five student representatives who help all the others on their way, meeting all the needs of the community. In this way they can interact in the best possible way, not only to solve problems, but also to create collaboration between the various academic addresses. In addition to expressing the opinions provided for in the Statute and regulations, the Council can address requests and make proposals to the Academic Council, with particular reference to the organisation of teaching and student services.

Consultation regulations

How to Apply

Students can submit their candidacy, individually, until 13 May 2022 by sending an e-mail, from the RUFA personal mailbox, to, with the subject “candidatura alla consulta degli studenti”. The candidate can attach to the candidature a pdf file with his/her manifesto/programme of mandate and a photo in jpeg format with a maximum weight of 500 Kb.

Download the call


Facebook: Rufa consulta


Election of the members of the regional council for the right to study and the promotion of knowledge discus

On 17, 18 and 19 May 2022, elections will be held for the DiSCo regional council – Regional Body for the Right to Study and the Promotion of Knowledge (from 2018 it replaces Laziodisu). The elections will be held in presence and the polling station will be set up in the offices in via Benaco 2.
The Regional Council is the representative body for the students of all the Universities and Higher Education Institutes, both public and private, present in the Lazio region. The students’ representative body participates in the definition, implementation and monitoring of DiSCo policies. Within the Council, the Higher Education Institutes for Artistic and Musical Education (AFAM) contribute to electing a representative (the college of AFAM Institutes is the VIII).
The elected representatives remain in office for three years and cannot serve more than two terms.
On the DiSCo Lazio website, the lists of active and passive voters, divided into constituencies, have been published, together with the forms for submitting candidacies. The website also contains all the indications concerning the place, days and times when the presentation of the lists must take place:

More information

In case of doubt you can write to or to