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AlmaLaurea is an initiative to connect and exchange data between graduates and companies interested in offering students a professional placement. With the support of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, since 2012 the AlmaLaurea Consortium has also included graduates from the AFAM system in its database.

Among the various data produced by Almalaurea, it is particularly evident that RUFA students were among the fastest to graduate and among the most likely to enter the world of work: the average duration of the course of study was 3.6 years for the I level and 2.8 years for the II level (AFAM average: 4 years for Level I and 3.1 years for Level II) and the employment rate of our graduates was 59.6% for Level I and 87.5% for Level II (AFAM average: 48.1% for Level I graduates and 73% for Level II graduates). This is an important acknowledgement for our Academy, representing confirmation of the good work done in the service of our student community.

In order to access the AlmaLaurea data network, it is necessary to fill in an online questionnaire, which collects students’ data and CVs and makes them available, subject to the consent of the interested parties, to partner institutions and companies.

In order to contribute to the monitoring of the quality of the training offer of tertiary education, all graduating students who have applied to their Student Secretariat can complete the AlmaLaurea questionnaire. The results can be consulted on the AlmaLaurea website, in the area dedicated to Universities.

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Before filling in the AlmaLaurea questionnaire you must register to receive a username and password.

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