Set Design ❯ ITA


Talent is on stage.


You will learn to design, develop and effectively combine scenes with costumes, locations with the world at large, specific moments with their semblance. You will develop an understanding of this magical art underpinning every performance, skilfully combining architecture, history and the visual arts.

The theatre is associated with costume scenography as a way of creating places and worlds, moments of time, illusory realities; developing a sense of perception and beauty where space and time are put in movement, making it possible to create new projects, stories, and emotions. Set Design is a magic art that enables all forms of theatrical representation to be created by expertly mixing architecture and history, arts and technologies; as a profession there is nothing else quite like it. Using the theoretical and empirical training received at RUFA about how to use lighting, materials, fundamentals of architecture, photography, video projections and reconstructions, the Set Designer with a BA degree in Set Design at Rufa enters the world of work as a many-sided professional whose areas of knowledge range from construction to design, and finds its natural outlet in the entertainment world (theatre, cinema, television, events). But the set designer can also become an art director in many other areas designing costumes, scenes, lighting for fashion shows, exhibitions, and open-air installations. Using aesthetic taste and knowledge of advanced techniques, the set designer is the person who establishes the basic principles for the dynamic design of any theatrical event.
Academy Degrees are equivalent to Bachelor’s university degrees.

Coordinator: Alessandro Vergoz
Tutor: Alessandro Vergoz
Lecturers: Christian Angeli, Alessandro Carpentieri, Vincenzo Caruso, Stefania Conti, Maria Chiara Castelli, Rosa Cuppone, Genny Di Bert, Antonin Di Santantonio, Elena Fiorellino, Alessandro Gori, Jurgen Janku, Nicolas Martino, Pino Quini, Christian Rizzo, Katia Titolo, Alessandro Vergoz.


*The course is available only in Italian language.

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Suggested training programme AY 2020/2021

Total Credits180
I YEARTechnical drawing and project design675
Basics of computer design675
History of costume645
History of the performing arts 1645
Set design 112150
Set construction 18100
Features of architecture and urban design675
Digital modeling techniques 1675
Computer technologies450
II YEARHistory of modern art 645
History of performing arts645
Set design 212150
Set construction 2675
Costumes for performing arts8100
Architectural model-making675
Computer graphics675
Digital modeling techniques 2675
III YEARPhotography8100
History of contemporary art645
Set design 312150
Lighting systems675
Virtual architecture675
Further language and interpersonal skills, internships, etc.4/
Elective educational activities10/


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