Photography ❯ ITA


Focus on the world.

You will become a solid, all-round artist, technically skilled and possessing both flair and inquisitiveness, capable of documenting reality and providing a real-time account of events and their connotations as they unfurl around us.

Photographers play a key role in the world of contemporary communication: creative and technically expert, they document and record in real time the world and events that surround us. The photographer is a many-sided artist who possesses technique, imagination, and curiosity: a professional with the ability to exploit their own talent and operate in many fields, from audiovisual to photojournalism, fashion to art photography, advertising to communication, documentation, and publishing. The RUFA Photography Course trains tomorrow’s professional photographers by using a teaching method that carefully mixes technique with imagination and gives students the practical workshop training and solid cultural grounding that are indispensable for excelling in the creative professional sectors. Guided by tutors who are themselves professionals in the communication sector, students taking the RUFA Photography Ba program learn immediately how to find and use the correct language with which to express their creativity, sensibility, and artistic personalità.
Academy Degrees are equivalent to Bachelor’s university degrees.

*The course is available only in Italian language.

Professors: Alessandro Carpentieri, Stefano Compagnucci, Bruno D’annunzio, Stefano De Filippi, Genny Di Bert, Gerhart Evans, Andrea Gaetano, Andrea Gallo, Gianfranco Manzo, Nicolas Martino, Leone Orfeo, Mauro Panci, Augusto Pieroni, Christian Rizzo, Andrea Sabbadini, Roberto Scavizzi, Raffaele Simongini, Alex Stordy, Raffaele Vella, Alessandro Vergoz.


BA Degree program in Photography

Suggested training programme - Design Department

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Photography 1 12 150
Digital Image Processing 1 6 75
Art History: Artistic Styles & Context 1 6 45
History of Photography 6 45
Lighting Systems 6 75
Phenomenology of the Image 6 45
Editing Techniques 4 50
Film Shooting Techniques 6 75
Basics of Computer Design 4 50
English 4 30
II Year Photography 2 12 150
Cinematography 8 100
Art History: Artistic Styles & Context 2 6 45
Digital Image Processing 2 6 75
Aesthetics of Visual Arts 6 45
History of Cinema & Video 1 6 45
Photojournalism 6 75
Advertising Communication 6 75
Optional Subject 4 /
III Year Photography 3 12 150
History of Cinema & Video 2 6 45
Desktop Publishing 6 75
Mass Media Theory & Methods 6 45
Digital Video 4 50
Video Editing 4 50
Royalties 4 30
Internship 4 100
Optional Subject 6 /
Thesis 8 /
Total Credits 180