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Your vision of the world

You will discover how to express your creativity, learning many techniques and enhancing your curiosity to know and tell the world around you: you will gain an attentive and personal view, which will give you the opportunity to emerge in the contemporary image.

The photographer becomes an artist when he is provided with creativity, knows the technique and adopts a multidisciplinary approach: a professional able to exploit his talent and operate dynamically in the world of image, exploring areas such as reportage, advertising and fashion photography, photo book, fine art, video and multimedia.

The overproduction of images has redefined the role of photography and the photographer, who must constantly evolve, acquiring an open and contemporary vision.

RUFA Bachelor of Arts in Photography, also thanks to the third year Masterclass coordinated by Contrasto, a leading agency in the field of art photography, aims to guide the student through a highly professional path that combines the approach to reportage with artistic research. Putting into practice the skills acquired during the three years, students will have the opportunity to develop and express a personal view of the reality that surrounds them.

Led by professional lecturers in the fields of Art, Design, Communication and Media Art, the graduates in RUFA Bachelor of Arts in Photography acquire the ability to give value to an idea, transforming it into a successful project, capable of demonstrating professionalism and artistic personality with the opportunity to emerge on the international scene.

Academy Degrees are equivalent to Bachelor’s university degrees.

*The course is available only in Italian language.

Coordinator: Michele Palazzi
Tutor: Christian Rizzo
Professors: Alessandro Carpentieri, Stefano Compagnucci, Giorgio Di Noto, Antonio Faccilongo, Niccolò Fano, Gianfranco Manzo, Nicolas Martino, David Mozzetta, Leone Orfeo, Michele Palazzi, Lorenzo Pesce, Augusto Pieroni, Fiorenza Pinna, Livia Regali, Christian Rizzo, Roberto Scavizzi, Fabio Severo, Raffaele Simongini, Giulia Tornari, Raffaele Vella, Alessandro Vergoz.


BA Degree program in Photography

Suggested training programme - Design Department

Year Subject CFA Hours
I Year Photography 1 12 150
Digital Image Processing 1 6 75
Art History: Artistic Styles & Context 1 6 45
History of Photography 6 45
Lighting Systems 6 75
Phenomenology of the Image 6 45
Editing Techniques 4 50
Film Shooting Techniques 6 75
Basics of Computer Design 4 50
English 4 30
II Year Photography 2 12 150
Cinematography 8 100
Art History: Artistic Styles & Context 2 6 45
Digital Image Processing 2 6 75
Aesthetics of Visual Arts 6 45
History of Cinema & Video 1 6 45
Photojournalism 6 75
Advertising Communication 6 75
Optional Subject 4 /
III Year Photography 3 12 150
History of Cinema & Video 2 6 45
Desktop Publishing 6 75
Mass Media Theory & Methods 6 45
Digital Video 4 50
Video Editing 4 50
Royalties 4 30
Internship 4 100
Optional Subject 6 /
Thesis 8 /
Total Credits 180