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Spaces and installations created around the multimedia idea.

The Master of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design – the first programme of its kind recently set up in central/southern Italy – succeeds in fully embracing this complex area of studies, addressing the increasingly central role played by digital technologies and techniques in the design of multimedia spaces and works. It represents a wide-ranging field ranging from the design of installations and fit-outs of cultural events to the realization of spaces in public and private settings and even virtual set design and videomapping on the façades of public buildings and monuments. The Course offers a response of educational excellence to the very high demand for designers and artists trained to work in these sectors, able to combine the creative culture of the designer with expert skills in new technologies.

A complete design process.

Within the process of designing constructed spaces, both indoor and outdoor, the Course in Multimedia Arts and Design gives participants the tools they will need to identify the role of multimedia in relation to the particular functional requirements and environmental conditions of each project. In operational terms, teaching methods are designed to provide participants with knowledge of advanced design representation tools and to take possession of the necessary technical solutions and methodological procedures. The subjects taught include, amongst others, multimedia design, audio visual performance, multimedia installations, exhibition design, videomapping techniques, interactive installations, virtual and augmented reality and a study of the relationship between contemporary art and new forms of media.

A world of professional opportunities for the multimedia artist and designer.

The aim of the Course is to prepare highly specialised design and art professionals who plan to enter the industries of art and culture, entertainment, interior design and multimedia communication – sectors where they will be designing and implementing projects such as multimedia installations, spaces and fit-outs, interactive sound environments, audio visual performances, virtual sets, videomapping and so on. The main objective of the Course is to respond to the new artistic and cultural context by giving participants access to many of the skills required by the creative industries and by training new types of professional: multimedia artists, designers of multimedia fit-outs and installations, technicians specialised in the field of museum exhibition design and experts in multimedia representation and communication.

The Academic Master of Arts is equivalent to a University Master’s Degree.

*The course is available in Italian.

Coordinator: Caterina Tomeo
Tutor: Caterina Tomeo
Lecturers: Guglielmo Bevilacqua, Bruno Capezzuoli, Francesca Gollo, Nicolas Martino, Simone Pappalardo, Chiara Passa, Giulio Pernice, Luca Pertegato, Daniele Spanò, Caterina Tomeo, Massimo Zomparelli.

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Suggested training programme

Total Credits120
I YEARPsychology of art645
Contemporary art and new media860
Multimedia direction675
Multimedia spaces design 110125
Multimedia exhibit8100
Sound design 1675
Audiovisual performance and multimedia installation675
Touch Designer675
Language skills - Internships - Workshops4/
II YEARMass media theory & methods645
Multimedia for cultural heritage675
Multimedia spaces design 210125
Sound design 2675
Virtual set design675
Augmented reality675
Language skills - Internships - Workshops4/
Elective educational activities6/

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