Prizes and Awards

The home of talent

Our Academy is outstanding in terms of research and brilliance. It was in these very lecture halls and offices that some of the projects forming the backbone of contemporary creativity were first devised and elaborated. Artworks which have beguiled international panels of judges and professionals; the fruit of joint endeavours, sharing and teamwork which has been acknowledged and appreciated by experts and enthusiasts on the international stage.

The prestige associated with these awards tells a story of commitment and talent, gifts which here at RUFA we set out to cultivate and nourish amidst a turbine of stimuli and experiences which rouse both the intellect and inventiveness. Of course, every time one of these numerous impulses of excellence are seized upon by the international contemporary scene, it is a time of great pride for us and the confirmation that we are doing a great job.

Here, then, is a selection of some of the prizes and awards won by RUFA across a number of different disciplines.