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MA | Computer Animation and Visual Effects


You will be able to establish yourself as a computer animation and Visual effects designer in films, television, audio effects and web productions. You will master digital techniques and optimize your manual skill, cultural awareness and creative abilities.


Creativity and technology to create computer animation and Visual effects.

The MA in Computer Animation and Visual Effects at RUFA is an artistic specialization course designed to train designers in digital animation and visual effects for film, television, audiovisual productions and the web to blend digital technology, manual reproduction, cultural know-how and creative skills.
Computer animation and Visual effects are part of the creative and practical resources often used in the creation of movement, action and narration.

In computer animation there is a world of professional opportunities.

In the world of audiovisual production, the demand for digital animation and visual effects professionals is very high. The available technical resources to create visual effects and animation are in continuous and constant development, and the digitally enhanced image is an essential creative ingredient.
For this reason, a designer today that knows how to create visual effects and digital animation has a successful professional career path ahead of them in 3D animation and motion graphics, in filmmaking, television, video games and advertising.

Learn and design, manage and create an animated product.

The MA Degree Program in Computer Animation and visual Effects puts emphasis on teaching how to produce animation and young designers must use their theoretical knowledge to develop content (conceptual study and psychological analysis, history of cinema, analysis and writing of film expression, deep understanding of the process of animation, historic and cultural environments) and their hands-on technical abilities to design and create their own animated products (storyboarding, creating animated sequencing, 2D compositing and 3D software utilization).
The course also includes learning how to manage and produce an entire creative project (design, content, script, production plan, teamwork and deadline management).

Studying and producing to prepare for the future.

The MA Degree Program in Computer Animation and Visual Effects produces concrete results: the digital clips and the original productions created by students are sent to festivals and entered into competitions. They will also be included in the student’s digital portfolio, which they will present to future employers.
In order to prepare students so that they are best able to create and produce their own material, the course offers a rich collection of seminars, workshops, professional encounters, internships and experimentation opportunities with partner companies in the industry.
The MA Degree Program in Computer Animation and Visual Effects at RUFA is part of the Department of Design and Applied Arts/ New Technology for the Arts, the section of RUFA academic studies that provides a high-level of specialization and technical preparation, setting high standards of academic and design learning year after year. By graduating in Computer Animation and Visual effects you will be able to become: 3D Modeler, Texture artist, Lighting Technician, Animator, TD rigger, Compositor, Computer animation director, Storyboard artist, Concept artist, Cartoonist.

The Academic Master of Arts is equivalent to a University Master Degree.

*The course is available only in Italian.

Coordinator: Pietro Ciccotti
Tutor: Pietro Ciccotti
Lecturers: Mario Bellina, Pietro Ciccotti, Paolo De Murtas, Sergio D’Innocenzo, Alessandro Feliciani, Gabriele Filippelli, Filippo Foglietti, Renato Fontana, Irene Rinaldi, Federico Landini, Francesco Pennìca, Sergio Riccardi, Dafne Sartori, Gianluca Sportelli, Giorgio Tiranti.

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Suggested training programme

Total credits120
I YEARAnimation 110125
Compositing tools675
3D tools 1675
Animation drawing675
Media and visual culture645
History of animated video and film675
Elective educational activities6/
Language skills - Internships - Workshops2/
II YEAR3D tools 2675
Character animation8100
Animation 210125
Special effects8100
Motion graphics675
Sound design675
Language skills - Internships - Workshops6/

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