Annual report 2016

The 2016 Report collects the best of the academy’s dense annual educational and creative production. Inside, the use of an expressive typography, photography combined with artwork in magenta thread, a free layout and visible binding aim to evoke the multidisciplinary characteristic of the school, made up of art and design contaminations and stratifications . The product is printed in six colors with the use of neon pantones 802 and 806. The poster shows the various actions that have been implemented, while the blank offset cover features a letter written by the lecturer to a future student. The insert of 16 pages of different formats, printed in two colors, features one of the main events of the past year: RUFA contest. Inside, extra digital content can be viewed by smartphone/tablets using the dedicated app.


Editorial projects
RUFA Communication office
Fabio Mongelli
Intorno Design
Elena Pagnotta, Alessandro Caruso
Magenta embroidery artwork
Federica Di Pietrantonio
Stefano Compagnucci, Christian Rizzo (postproduction), third year Photography students AY 2015/16
Cover text
Raffaele Simongini
Andrea René Angeramo, Emanuele Cappelli, Alessandro Carpentieri, Alessandro Caruso, Emiliano Coletta, Giulia Mencarelli, Alessandro Mongelli, Alfio Mongelli, Fabio Mongelli, Ely Rozenberg, Mario Rullo, Alessandro Vergoz, Andrés Raphael Zabala
CSE 92
Thanks to
Paolo Buonaiuto, Laura Campana, Fabrizio Dell’Arno, Valentina Marchiò, Laura Speranza
Tipografare (Graphein Servizi srl)
La Legatoria