Advanced Training Courses

What they are:
Specialization, being up-to-the-minute and innovation are amongst the most prominent requisites of today’s workplace, even more so in the creative industry. Which is why RUFA has introduced into its course portfolio the opportunity, for professionals and students alike, to put into practice the workplace skills of certain specific disciplines. The Advanced Training Courses were introduced in direct response to this demand; namely the acquisition of knowledge and experience essential for affirming participants’ competitive edge. These intensive courses are led by teaching staff acknowledged as leading lights in their relevant fields and capable of conveying high level theoretical and practical skills in addition to strategic suggestions useful for bettering participants’ placement within the workplace.

Who is it for

RUFA Advanced Training Courses are aimed at students, graduates and professionals, selected on the basis of criteria concerning the maturity of design skills and attained professional standing. The objective is that of bringing together a community of experts sharing similar backgrounds in terms of training and, therefore, likely to respond most favourably to a highly cognitive course input. Participants may enrol for Advanced Training Courses whilst attending university and other academy courses.

Course programme
The Advanced Training Courses are structured with a view to maximizing efficiency and productivity. They are concentrated into short timeframes, with intensive lessons involving both theory and practical work which, in addition to being taught by staff of the highest calibre, also benefit from the occasional participation of relevant stakeholders within the field of study in question, thus fostering professional debate and networking systems.

Training and professional credits RUFA issues certificates of attendance following the completion of advanced training courses and can also make provision for the award of training, professional or university credits which may be recognized in future study courses, provided it is in a similar area of study.

Corporate type design

The advanced training course in Corporate Type Design focuses exclusively on a highly specialised sector of graphic design and is the only one of its kind available in Italy. It concentrates on the integrational process of Corporate Types, namely families of corporate fonts recognizable as part of an institution’s visual identity. COURSE OBJECTIVES Words represent…

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Health & safety measures for scenic construction and prop-making

The Advanced Training Course in “Health & safety measures for scenic construction and prop-making” is aimed at training skilled and updated professionals in all scenic construction techniques, consistently with the new regulations applicable to scenic construction sites and the health and safety planning procedures (PSC, POS and DUVRI).   COURSE OBJECTIVES Staging a performance or…

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