Education and Organization

A University that is always evolving, always ready to respond to the needs of the world of education and art. RUFA provides for Bachelor and Master of Arts programs, internships, study abroad opportunities and numerous initiatives for students during their studies.

RUFA, Academy of Making

Our training approach is based on a specialised teaching method which combines university curriculum and professional training.

During their studies students can participate in laboratories, workshops, master classes, exhibitions and talks, which are indispensable tools to approach the professional world.

Compulsory attendance and examinations

At RUFA the attendance requirement is determined by the amount of practice that the student carries out in the classroom day after day. At the beginning of the studies the student must register for the subjects he/she wishes to attend and will be able to sit the exam during the exam sessions after having attended 80% of classes.

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Stage and placement

Studying is an opportunity to get in touch with the art market also thanks to the internships that allow our students to find a job placement that is consistent with their studies. 87% of RUFA Master of Arts graduates find employment, an average higher than the average of AFAM graduates.

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Educational support, tutoring and counselling

RUFA is aware of its students’ journey and wants to support them throughout their years at the Academy. For this reason we have adopted a Student Services System, a set of quality and operational standards that includes academic support, a thesis desk and counseling services.

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Consult the informative documents of RUFA, here you will find all the documentation related to the study and administrative aspects of the Academy.

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