Students transitioning gender

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts provides an inclusive and welcoming study environment for students who are transitioning gender and cares about the protection of their privacy and dignity. In order to achieve this objective, an “alias academic record” may be created for the students who request it. This allows students to choose their name for this transitory period, even if it is yet unofficial.

Following the procedures that are already used in many Countries of the world, RUFA does not oblige students to submit the related administrative and medical documentation required by the current regulations. This is to safeguard individual freedom. However, while waiting for the various national laws to merge into a single legislation that is valid at global level, RUFA reserves the right to request this documentation if necessary.

The implementation of an “alias academic record” can be requested by anyone who has started a gender transition process and at any time after enrollment. Students must simply send an email to
Thanks to the “alias academic record”, the name chosen by the student will appear on the following documents:
1) ad hoc academic booklet;
2) Rufart Café card;
3) attendance and exam forms used within RUFA.

Students must make sure to:
– let the responsible office know in advance and in a timely manner if you wish to carry out academic activities outside of RUFA (for example internships, international mobility projects, applying for scholarships), so to verify and agree if and how it is possible to continue to use the “alias academic record”;
– inform RUFA of any situation that may affect the content and validity of the confidential agreement. In particular, students must notify RUFA in a timely manner when their gender and name has been officially changed by the Court.

Students must keep in mind that:
– certificates issued by the Academy for external use will exclusively indicate the legally recognized name. RUFA cannot produce any attestation or certification using the “alias academic record”;
– if the student achieves his/her Degree before the transition has been made official by the Court, the official academic career documents (such as the degree parchment) will indicate the legally recognized name of the student.
In any case, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts will evaluate all of the possible scenarios on a case by case basis, in order to promote an adequate and correct academic experience for the students.