Dear student, welcome to RUFA

Studying creative arts in an atmosphere that is contaminated by stimuli and ideas of great depth offers invaluable advantages. Rome was the cradle of the Renaissance and even today its historical and artistic heritage is known all over the world. But Rome is also a city that is constantly evolving, where the dynamic and exciting new languages contribute to making it the center of new contemporary trends.

The diversity of its museums and galleries is the most evident sign of this. Not only does Rome offer highly prestigious classical art but also stimulating events and initiatives related to new trends that range from art, to music and even to comics. RUFA has seven buildings in Rome, 6 in the Trieste area and 1 in the San Lorenzo area. We look forward to welcoming you, but in the meantime, there is bureaucracy to be dealt with quickly in order to start your journey successfully!

The “International students info” brochure will help you tackle the bureaucracy, so that you can start enjoying the great opportunities given by RUFA and by our Bel Paese as soon as possible!

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