Sculpture and installations ❯ ITA/ENG


The physical aspect of creation.



Before your launch into the workforce, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of contemporary plastic arts. Contemporary and classical studies, the analyses of aesthetic principles, the quest for a perfect balance between form and substance: these are the mainstays of the course and the first step towards a future as a sculptor.


As the art of making solid objects, Sculpture comes from fusing plasticity with technique: an art that springs from space and is the tangible expression of the sculptor’s vision of the world. Contemporary and classical studies, analyses of aesthetic canons, research into the fine balance between form and substance: these are the technical and theoretical pillars of the RUFA course, which gives students their first step towards a future as a contemporary artist. Graduates in Sculpture and installations program at Rufa enter the professional world equipped with thorough knowledge of the plastic arts, performances, and installations, and can also play an indispensable role in the creation of exhibition spaces or upgrading public places as part of the discipline of urban design. Working with traditional as well as new materials and improving the quality of spaces are natural operating environments for RUFA Sculpture and installations graduates, whose education also suits them for interesting work opportunities in the more conceptualising areas of the profession such as curating exhibitions and art catalogues. The disciplinary fields studied at RUFA are based on an all-round education that consists of figurative and plastic elements, within a study plan that also includes art history, graphic design, drawing, photography, and audiovisual techniques, all producing a complete and highly specialised professional expert.
The Academic Bachelor of Arts is equivalent to a University Bachelor’s Degree

*The course is available in English or Italian.

Coordinator: Emiliano Coletta
Tutor: Maria Pina Bentivenga
Lecturers: Maria Pina Bentivenga, Gianna Bentivenga, Simone Cametti, Alessandro Carpentieri, Emiliano Coletta, Alessio Cremisini, Bruno D’Annunzio, Fabrizio Dell’Arno, Genny Di Bert, Davide Dormino, Elena Fiorellino, Federico Landini, Nicolas Martino, Rosalia Palazzolo, Fabrizio Pizzuto, Christian Rizzo, Raffaele Simongini.


Download the annual planning 2020/2021


Suggested training programme AY 2020/2021

Total Credits180
I YEARArtistic Anatomy10125
Drawing for sculpture8100
History of modern art 1645
Phenomenology of the image645
Sculpture and installations 112150
Scupture techniques 1675
Basics of computer science450
II YEARHistory of modern art 2645
Sculpture and installations 212150
Scupture techniques 2675
Engraving techniques - Printmaking675
Multimedia Installations8100
Art management645
Elective educational activities6/
III YEARHistory of contemporary art645
Aesthetics of visual arts645
Sculpture and installations 312150
Digital modeling techniques675
Performative techniques for visual arts675
New integrated media techniques8100
Further language and interpersonal skills, internships, etc.4/
Elective educational activities4/


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