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Clouds, ideas, color.


Create incredibile stories with your own characteristic drawing style. Create infinite wordls with your own colours and technique. Take control of your own talent. Learn to tell stories by drawing them.

RUFA Comics and Illustration prepares professionals ti enter the world of comics and illusration, and enables them to tell stories by giving shape to their own stile and technique. Students acquire the ability to take control of all the basic artistic skills such as composition, visual communication, inking, anatomy and perspective.
The course interweaves digital techniques with traditional colouring methods, creating the DNA of communicaation for the 21st century. A three/year course aimed at all those who want to entertain, illustrate, tell stories, and excite emotions by trasformino their personal message into visual images.

*The course is available only in Italian language.

Coordinator: Fabrizio Verrocchi
Tutor: Claudio Spuri
Lecturers: Lorenzo Bolzoni, Daniele Bonomo, Paolo Buonaiuto, Stefano Compagnucci, Riccardo Corbò, Fabrizio Dell’Arno, Fabrizio Des Dorides, Alessandro Feliciani, Giulio Fermetti, Luigi Iacobelli, Guido Lombardo, Emiliano Mammucari, Enrico Parisio, Rita Petruccioli, Claudio Spuri, Mauro Uzzeo.


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Suggested training programme AY 2020/2021

Total Credits180
I YEARTechniques and technologies for drawing10125
Computer graphics10125
History of printing and publishing860
Graphic design 1 12150
Comic book art 1675
Elective educational activities6/
II YEARDesign methodology675
History of contemporary art645
Graphic design 212150
Features of publication design8100
Script writing 1 450
Comic book art 2675
Colour theory675
Illustration 18100
Elective educational activities4/
III YEARMass media theory and methods645
Digital image processing675
Graphic design 312150
Script writing 2450
Comic book art 3675
Illustration 2675
Computer technologies450
Further language and interpersonal skills, internships, etc.4/

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