Transparent Administration

The Evaluation Unit of the Legally Recognized Academy of Fine Arts “Rome University of Fine Arts” RUFA in Rome, pursuant to art. 14, c. 4, letter g), of the Legislative Decree no. 150/2009 and A.N.A.C. resolutions no. 50/2013 and 43/2016, has carried out the verification on the publication, the completeness, the updating and the opening of the format of each document, data and information listed in Annex 2.
The Evaluation Unit carried out the assessments, also taking into account the results and elements that emerged from the control activity on the fulfilment of the publication obligations carried out by the Transparency Manager pursuant to art. 43, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree no. 33/2013.

ANAC Certificate – 2018ANAC Document Annex 2 – 2018
Evaluation team

DOCUMENTATION OF PNRR MEASURESANAC Certificate- 2018ANAC Annex document 2 – 2018Assestment Board

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