Foundation Year

A great journey always begins with a first step.

Italy: synonym of wonder, especially for the new generations who live abroad and who wish to enter into the culture and the educational system that “Il Bel Paese” can offer. More specifically, the Foundation Year is intended for students attracted by Made in Italy, not intended only as a sign of distinction and style, but also as a qualitative approach to life.

It is precisely in this context the Foundation Year takes place: a supplementary course of 60 credits, the objective of which is to initiate the student to the study of cultural, design, historical and artistic subjects which they will encounter, in yet a deeper way, in the years to come. Thanks to this educational program, foreign students with 11 years of schooling will be able to integrate the minimum prerequisite of the 12 years of schooling required to access the University system, and learn the basic subjects required to develop of the required knowledge in the artistic, audiovisual, multimedia and design field. Participants will also be able to learn about RUFA training methods, interact with lecturers, integrate practical and theoretical methods, explore the concepts of research and artistic production and best practices related to design.


– To provide international students with less than 12 years of schooling with 60 additional CFA necessary to enroll in the Italian University system.
– To introduce students to the cultural, design, history and art-related subjects and to the educational methodologies of the Italian Higher Education system.

The Foundation Year enables participants to build the foundations to undertake any Bachelor of Arts program. In this context, students can put themselves to the test, improve their language knowledge, get to know a National academic excellence and create professional relationships with the lecturers. Five different subjects are provided: Italian language and culture, writing workshop, history of art, design and Italian style, specific course in photography, video, art and design, a final test and a CILS certification.

The program envisions 485 hours of study in total, divided into 24 hours a week. The 60 credits obtained will allow students to be admitted to RUFA Bachelor of Arts programs – or BA programs in any other Institution, keeping in mind the general rule regarding the educational and decision-making independence of all Higher Education Institutions regarding admissions –and will not be recognized for the purposes of reducing the teaching load of subsequent Degree programs.

Italian language and culture (T)3222 Language (ITA)165 Language (ITA)20 hours, 8 weeks
10 Culture (ITA)75 Culture (ITA)15 hours, 5 weeks
Writing lab (TP)2252hours, 12 weeks
History of art, design and Italian style (T)8608 hours, 12 weeks
Specific curriculum (TP)124 Photo/video50 Photo/video4 hours, 12 weeks
4 Art 50 Art4 hours, 12 weeks
4 Basic Design50 Basic Design4 hours, 12 weeks
Final test210
CILS (ITA) Certificate4
TOTAL 6048524h/week
(T) = Theoretical subject – (TP) = Theoretical/practical subject – RUFA final test = Presentation of the student’s portfolio related to the attended subject in front of an appointed committee.


RUFA Foundation Year is carried out in Italian for the linguistic-cultural modules and in English for the artistic-related modules. To be admitted, students must hold a B1 / B2 English language knowledge certificate. As far as the knowledge of the Italian language is concerned, enrollment is open to all students, regardless of their level of knowledge of the language, However, possessing a B1 level of Italian is recommended.


Period: from January 2022 to June 2022
Language: Italian and English
Language Requirements:
– B1/B2 of English;
– Preferibilmente B1 di Italiano.
Enrolment deadline: 5 December 2021
Cost: € 6.500,00*
Degree issued: Certificate of Participation + CILS Certification

*The cost includes:
– registration fee
– attendance and final exam fee
– CILS certification
– RUFA card (conventions with cinemas, theatres, gyms and educational material)
– final certificate.

The payment method requires 25% at the time of enrolment and 75% by 05/12/21. The candidates are required to submit, by the 05 December 2021, the application form enclosing: the high school diploma with “transcript of records” of the educational activities carried out and relative Declaration of Value in loco, the enrollment contract (to be signed by the parents in case of underage students), the English language certificate, the identity document and the study visa. The student must apply also through the Universitaly portal.

RUFA reserves the possibility of checking the aptitude and motivational sphere of students before enrolment. The course will be activated with a minimum of 6 students until all available places are taken.