Foundation Year

A great journey always begins with a first step.

Italy: synonym of wonder, especially for the new generations who live abroad and who wish to enter into contact with the culture and the educational system that the Beautiful Country is able to offer. The scenario assumed by RUFA to contact students attracted by Made in Italy, starts from this assumption not intended only as a sign of distinction and style, but also as a qualitative approach to life.

It is precisely in this context the foundation year fits in: a supplementary course of 60 credits, lasting one year, the objective of which is to initiate the student in cultural, design, historical and artistic subjects which they will encounter, in yet a deeper way, in the years to come. Thanks to this educational path, foreign students with 11 years of school attendance will be able to integrate the minimum prerequisite of the 12 required, before accessing the university system, supplementing their knowledge of basic subjects for the development of the required artistic, audiovisual, multimedia and design knowledge. Participants will also be able to find out about RUFA training methods, interacting with teachers, by integrating practical and theoretical methods, exploring the concepts of research and artistic production and best practices related to design.

> To obtain 60 supplementary CFAs for enrolment in the Italian University
> To supplement the minimum requirement of 12 years of school attendance

The foundation year allows participants to build the foundations to undertake any first-level degree programme included in the so-called “RUFA – Experience”. In this context, students can put themselves to the test, improve their relationship with the language, come into contact with university and national academic excellence and generate professional relationships with the teachers. Five different subjects are provided: Italian language and culture, writing workshop, history of art, design and Italian style, specific course in photography, video, art and design, a final test and a CILS certification.
There will be 485 hours of study in total, divided into 20 hours a week. The 60 training credits obtained will allow students to access RUFA – or any other institution – first-level academic courses and will not be recognised for the purposes of reducing the teaching load provided for by subsequent degree courses.

Subject (T= theoretical • TP = theoretical-practical) CFA Specific CFAs Total hours Hours per week
Italian language and culture (T) 32 22 Language10 Culture 165 Language75 Culture 6 and 30′3
Writing workshop (TP) 2 25 1h x 1 year or2h x 1 half-year
History of art, design and Italian style (T) 8 60 2 and 30’
Specific course (TP) 12 4 Photo/Video4 Art4 Basic Design 50 Photo/Video50 Art50 Basic Design 2 Photo/Video2 Art2 Basic Design
Final test 2 10
CILS Certificate 4
Total 60 485 20h/week

RUFA foundation year is in Italian or in English, depending on the option chosen. Membership is open to all students, regardless of the language level at entry, even if preferable to a B1.

Period: from October 2019 to June 2020
Language: Italian or English
Language Requirements: preferably level B1
Enrolment deadline: 31 December 2019
Cost: €6,500.00*
Degree issued: Certificate of Participation + CILS Certification

*The cost includes:
> registration fee
> attendance and final exam fee
> CILS certification
> RUFA card (conventions with cinemas, theatres, gyms and educational material)
> final certificate

The payment method requires 25% at the time of enrolment and 75% by 30/09/19. The candidates are required to submit, by 31 December 2019, the application for admission, attaching their high school diploma, along with their “transcript of record” of training activities carried out.

RUFA reserves the possibility of checking the aptitude and motivational sphere of students before enrolment. The course will be activated with a minimum of 6 students, until all available places are taken.