Annual report 2015

We published our first RUFA Annual Report in 2015. Which combines a technological element with the manual touch of the Academy. A composite effort reflecting the skills and dedication of the persons designing and carrying out the project. All the professionals at the Academy were involved in selecting the paper and the layout and contents of the report. The semi-flexible cover made of rustic cobalt-blue paper immediately brings to mind the external digital contents with the QR code, which becomes like a graphical silk-screen print. Inside it contains the key highlights, figures and numbers, a selection of the best projects, a review of the major events and partnerships and, last but not least, the list of the protagonists of the year. The special insert was dedicated to the 2015 RUFA Contest, which was the principal event held in the year. We decided to present this as a separate feature, with a different format and type of paper, on a black background and with desaturated images. In hundreds of pages, thanks to an attentive composition of images / contents and choice of colours, we have fully expressed the dynamic character and creativity of the Academy.

• Red Dot Design Awards, Berlin, November 2016;
• European Design Award, Gold in the “Annual report” section, Vienna, May 2016;
• “Honourable Mention” at the International Design Awards, Los Angeles, September 2016;
• Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio Prize, Rome, October 2016;
• Exhibition at the Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome, October 2016;

Publishing project
Ufficio comunicazione RUFA
Graphical project
Intorno Design
Elena Pagnotta, Alessandro Caruso
Andrea René Angeramo, Emanuele Cappelli, Alessandro Carpentieri, Alessandro Caruso, Emiliano Coletta, Gian Luca Gentili, Alessandro Mongelli, Alfio Mongelli, Fabio Mongelli, Susanna Nicchiarelli, Mario Rullo, Alessandro Vergoz
Fabrizio Cristallo
Giulia Mencarelli, Chiara Mingarelli, Laura Speranza
Stefano Compagnucci, Riccardo Ferranti, Zhuang Xueying, Christian Rizzo (postproduzione), Eleonora Cerri Pecorella
Graphein Servizi srl