Artistic Drawing


The artistic drawing course is aimed both at those who want to approach drawing for the first time and at those who already have basic skills and wish to acquire new techniques and greater familiarity in translating reality onto paper.

Participants are guided by the lecturer along a pathway that allows them to learn the basics of freehand drawing, and then go on to explore the more complex aspects, through gradual individual activities, with an exit for exercises in drawing from life of people, nature and monuments.

In particular, the course enables students to learn to: recognise basic geometry in drawing, observe and reproduce different shapes, manage the space on the white sheet, reproduce proportions, understand more complex shapes, give volume to the subject through the use of chiaroscuro and halftone, familiarise themselves with the basics of perspective, reproduce the human figure from draft to realistic drawing.



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    Course type: group session – in-person
Participants: Min 8 / Max 15
Start/end of the course: October 16 –  December 18, 2021
    Registration deadline: October 1, 2021
    Frequency: weekly, on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Duration: 10 lessons – total of 30 hours
    Cost: € 480 (to be paid in full at the time of registration)
Requirements/supporting materials: the costs are borne by the student
    Language: Italian
Lecturer: Fabrizio Des Dorides
    Location: RUFA – Via Benaco 2 – Rome

    Objectives: in the Artistic Drawing course each participant has the opportunity to develop a personal pathway to learn to observe and synthesise what is seen on a sheet of paper, starting with simple subjects and moving on to more and more complex ones.

    – Basic notions of drawing;
    – interpreting reality through drawing.
    – shapes in drawing;
    – how to manage space;
    – reproduce simple objects through proportions (from life and from photos);
    – draw more complex shapes starting from the draft.

    Giving three-dimensionality and volume to the drawing through chiaroscuro and halftone.

    – Central perspective;
    – accidental perspective;
    – applying perspective in drawing.

    – General notions of anatomy and proportions of the human body;
    – reproduce the proportions of the human body by drawing from life;
    – reproduce the human figure from the draft to the final drawing.

    The course includes one or more outings with life drawing exercises of natural subjects, people and monuments, depending on the interest of the individual participant.

    – Block canson A3 white smooth or semi-rough paper;
    – Drawing block for sketches;
    – Pencil B, 2B, 6B;
    – Eraser and kneaded eraser;
    – Pencil sharpener.

    Fabrizio des Dorides is an illustrator, cartoonist and lecturer based in Rome.

    He graduated from IED in Illustration and Multimedia Animation and completed the Comics course at the International School of Comics.

    He has collaborated with: Sergio Bonelli Editore (Orfani), Aurea Editoriale (John Doe, Lanciostory,Skorpio), Villain Comics, Editoriale Cosmo(Battaglia), Edizioni Starcomics. He currently draws for Dylan Dog with Sergio Bonelli Editore.

    At RUFA, Fabrizio des Dorides teaches the discipline of Artistic Anatomy in the academic course of Visual Arts.



    RUFA students: 10%
    University students: 5% (upon presentation of the university registration booklet)
Course package: If you have signed up for two or more courses, you are eligible for a 10% reduction on any courses purchased after the first one.

    At the end of the course, upon request, a certificate of attendance is issued after attending at least 8 of the 10 lessons.

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