Camplus College

Thanks to a partnership with Camplus College, RUFA introduces an interesting new feature for its community. In fact, interesting facilities are available for the Academy’s students who wish to stay within the university facilities of Camplus College, Rome.

What is Camplus College?

It is a large and innovative student house, located in the north-east area of the city, in the historic district of Pietralata, which has recently become one of the most vibrant districts in the capital, thanks to the redevelopment of ancient buildings by young designers and artists. Its proximity to the underground network enables easy access to the main Roman Athenaeums and Rome’s Central National Library. Its rooms are fitted with a telephone, internet connection, heating and air conditioning. It also has spaces and services for studying, university life and free time: in fact, each student can make unlimited use of communal areas such as a communal kitchen, study lounge, conference room, recreation room, cinema room, music room and gym.

The Camplus Colleges have various types of rooms to meet every accommodation requirement: single and double rooms with a bathroom, or lofts (for 2 or 3 people) and apartments (for 2, 3 or 4 people) equipped with a lounge and kitchen. Whichever choice you make, you will have the certainty of staying in cosy and comfortable rooms, furnished with modern and functional furniture. All utilities are included, including air conditioning and Wi-Fi. There is also a weekly cleaning service, as well as laundry, catering and reception services.

Discounts for RUFA students

Based on the agreement between the two companies, the following were established:
– 3 scholarships amounting to €1,000.00 for RUFA members
– 3 scholarships amounting to €500.00 for RUFA Erasmus students
Each scholarship includes a reduction in the Camplus College Rome accommodation fee for student assignees. The reduction is equivalent to the value of the scholarship. What does this mean? This means that RUFA students who are awarded the scholarship will have a discount amounting to €1,000.00 or €500.00 on the price of the annual Camplus fee.

The awarding of scholarships shall be determined on the basis of the following criteria:
– those enrolled in the first year of three-year degree courses need to have a final mark equal to or greater than 90/100;
– all foreign students will need to pass an interview with the board and Camplus College lecturers.
– all other students will need to have obtained a university curriculum with an average of no lower than 27/30 and will need to have achieved a number equal to or greater than 50 CFUs by 31 July 2019.

In any case, all candidates will need to pass the Camplus College Rome admission exam, based on the assessment of the study course, certificates considered relevant (language certificates, certificates of participation, etc.), experiences abroad and reason for enrolling in the Camplus training project.

Camplus College Rome shall be responsible for selecting assignees on the basis of a ranking.

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