Illustrator’s basics and techniques condensed into a short course.

Learn to master the world’s most popular vector graphics software. The Adobe Illustrator intensive course offered by RUFA is designed to become more familiar with the software and create drawings in vector graphics, professional layouts, photocompositions and other graphic products. The technical skills you will acquire have a vast field of application, from design and web design to illustration and creation of multipage documents. A comprehensive course focusing on the use of all the vector tools offered by Illustrator, typographic knowledge and printing techniques.

At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance is issued, against the presence of at least 12 of the 15 lessons provided, for a possible recognition of 2 CFU.

Course type: Professional and Customised
Mode of participation: In-person or online
Start/end of course: to be agreed with lecturer
Days and times: to be agreed with the lecturer
Duration: individual basic course 25 hours or customised lessons starting from 12 hours
Cost: 45 euros per hour
Language: Italian
Teacher: Emiliano D’angelo

Course participants will be able to create vector graphics, layouts, photocompositions and other graphic products, whose fields of application range from advertising to design, from illustration to web design and the creation of multipage documents. The course focuses on the use of all the vector tools offered by the software combined with typographical and printing knowledge of the products.


Basics for the correct use of the programme
– Workspace, Tool Overview
– Improved multiple drawing tables
– Rulers, grids, guides and crop marks
– Creating a new document, formats, CMYK and RGB colour methods and their selection
– Illustrator templates
– Working with imported objects
Vector graphics and tools
Giving three-dimensionality and volume to the drawing through chiaroscuro and mezzotint.

– Concept of vector graphics, Differences with bitmap graphics
– Fundamentals of drawing
– Vector tools and the pen tool
– Beziér curves
– The path processing panel
– Recalculating drawings
– The blend tool
– Illustrator brushes

Election and arrangement of objects
– Selecting objects
– Grouping and expanding objects
– Moving, aligning and distributing objects
– Using layers
– Locking, hiding and deleting objects
– Overlapping objects
– Resizing and distorting objects
– Cutting and splitting objects
– Clipping masks
– Creating three-dimensional objects
– Colour panel
– Samples panel
– Colour guide panel
– Colouring with fills and traces
– Dynamic painting groups
– Applying colours and tints
– Shading and gradient textures
– Patterns
– Typographic notions of colour printing

The text tool
– Entering Text
– Character concepts
– Area text and graphic text
– Formatting text in Illustrator
– Text and paths
– Colouring text and converting it to a path

Special Effects with Filters
– General use of filters
– Application to vector images
– Creating a 3D object
– Formats and interaction with other programmes
– Interaction with Photoshop
– PDF format
– Optimisation for the web

Professional graphic designer since 2005, specialising in editorial graphics and brand identity.

Over the years he has realised projects for various realities, including Rai Trade, Cartoons on the Bay, Fondazione Memmo, Ugo Bozzi editore, VyTA.

Since 2008 he has been involved in training: teacher of the graphics course at the International School of Comics in Rome until 2019, currently coordinator of the three-year Graphic Design course at ACCA Academy.




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