Preparation to Foundation

The beginning of a new adventure.

The scope of this program is to prepare students for the demands of their multidisciplinary and multicultural Foundation Year program. This practice-based course is intended to develop practical, theoretical, critical, and presentation skills. Students are introduced to a range of art and design disciplines and their working practices, as well as expanding their creativity through a range of approaches. Students will gain confidence and a better understanding of the teaching and learning environment they will experience during their Foundation in art, design and audiovisual creation. The program has a 5-week duration with 65 contact hours and 65 hours of independent study and practice.

Subject areas included:

Italian art history and lifestyle

Fine Art: Drawing and Painting

Basic Design  


Introduction to the Italian language

Who should attend?

Preparation to Foundation – Online is a wide-ranging program mainly intended for international students applying for the Foundation Year program. This course is designed to enable students to explore art & design disciplines and practices and develop their first portfolio of work in preparation for their Foundation Year program. All students will be invited to an informal portfolio review at the end of the course.

Learning and Teaching Methods

Students will learn through a range of cultural cases and studio-based activities. These will include seminars, demonstrations, group discussions, project work, peer discussion and critics, self and tutor assessment. The program will include:
– Access to Moodle, RUFA’s virtual learning environment with course content
– Extra 2 weeks online access to the recordings of the live classroom session


Online assessment of students will happen throughout the course, in a group, peer, and 1 to 1 format. There will also be a final one-to-one portfolio review with a tutor at the end of the course, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Course Schedule

Week One – Two

History and Culture + Drawing

Observation. A series of observed drawing, painting, and other media exercises intended to encourage analytical observation skills, an explorative approach with a range of media, and an on- going experimental approach to art, design, and film.

Week Three – Four

Basic Design + Film-making

Studio practice. A combination of practical projects is undertaken to introduce students to the ways of working required in specialist design and audiovisual areas and to familiarize them with relevant concepts, techniques, and best practices.

Week Five

Personal Project and Portfolio.

The project. The Project. Each student undertakes a self-directed brief to build on what they have learned and to create a portfolio by using a range of skills that best suits their interests. Final portfolio reviews are carried out with the faculty at the end of the week.

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    Introductory lessons to Italian language will run in parallel with the other classes.

    Course dates and times:

    January to June

    Activities will be scheduled between the hours of 14:00 – 17:00 (CE Time) and will include a mixture of live classes, one-to-one tutorials, critics, peer learning, and independent studio practice.

    Entry requirements

    To apply for this course please complete the Application. You will require:

    – A short statement (no more than 150 words) outlining your educational qualifications and reasons for applying to this course
    – A B1/B2 English language qualification (or equivalent qualification)
    – Photocopy of an identification document
    – Enrolment form

    The deadline for the application is december 4.
    Costo: € 720,00




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