• Laboratorio fabbricazione digitale

Research is the heart of the LAB, its axis for transmitting impulses, its reason for being.

In Rome, San Lorenzo, in the district of creativity, outposts, trends and reasons for tomorrow. There, in the historic industrial building of Pastificio Cerere, is the home of the RUFA LAB, the centre of thought and digital production that enables the entire RUFA community to design and create, thanks to machinery, tools and procedures located halfway between craftsmanship and experimental research.

A lively and pulsing academy such as RUFA could not but have its own digital manufacturing workshop, plastic rooms and moments of fusion between art and technology.
Specifically for product design, lighting and multimedia design productions, the LAB serves all types of manual and creative approach by the Academy, given that it is equipped with 3D printers, milling machines, laser cutters and all tools for digging, sculpting, modelling, building, assembling and, in short, creating.