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AlmaLaurea is a connection and information exchange system linking graduates and businesses, in order to offer students a professional entry point.
With the support of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, since 2012, the AlmaLaurea system has been extended to include AFAM system graduates. In order to access the Almalaurea network one must fill in an online form, that requests student data and curriculum information. If the student gives consensus, this information will be accessible to other students and to future employers through the AlmaLaurea database.
To contribute to monitoring the quality of the instruction provided with the third level educational training course, all graduates and undergraduates who request completion of their degree with the secretariat can fill out the AlmaLaurea form. The research results are available on the AlmaLaurea website, in the area dedicated to universities.
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Before filling out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire, you must register to receive username and password.
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